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Aston Martin Vantage GT4

The Aston Martin Vantage GT4 is a beautiful competitive beast in the GT4 America series. Dexter Racing is proud to represent the storied brand in American sports car racing.



  • Paddle Shift Transmission

  • 3200 lbs

  • 450 HP

  • 175 MPH top speed

Ginetta G56 GT4

This Ginetta G56 GT4 is the first to compete in the US in GT4 racing. Dexter Racing is proud to partner with Ginetta to represent the brand among the best in GT4 America. 



  • Xtrac Paddle Shift Sequential Transmission

  • 2600 lbs

  • 415 HP

  • 165 MPH top speed

Ginetta G55 GT4

The Ginetta G55 is fully homolgated FIA GT4 car. We have three available for rent. Power, aerodynamics, weight, and tire size can all be modified to tailor the car to non FIA GT4 classes.



  • Paddle Shift Sequential Transmission

  • 2400 lbs

  • 380 HP

  • 150 MPH top speed

Spec Miata

The ultimate in close and competitive racing. Spec Miata provides racing drivers the opportunity to perfect race craft and become comfortable with bump drafting and passing equally matched cars. We have a 1.6 NA and and 1.8 VVT available for rent. Both cars are highly developed and always run towards the front in large fields. 

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